Clash Wednesday

by The Real Clash

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This record is a 3 year long culmination of long days and even longer nights of writing, recording, financing, promotion, mixing and mastering. Clash Wednesday is now here for the masses. Please enjoy as everyone else has been ever since it's release. Thank you for the love and support. We are forever grateful.


released January 8, 2016

Recorded by J. Ack at MIRA Studios, SPC, St. Petersburg
Additional recording by Dan Byers at Rock Garden Recording
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Hetzel, Tampa, FL

Trk. 2, mixed by Mike Major at Mike's Mix Room, Dunedin, FL.

Trk. 7, mixed by J. Ack at Dexter's Lab, Tarpon Springs, FL and mastered by Dave Greenberg for Sonopod, St. Petersburg, FL

Trk. 9, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Swick at Paradise Recording, Largo, FL



all rights reserved


The Real Clash Florida

A band of Hip-Hop influenced harmonically apt beatniks. Brand Ambassadors of @hardrockenergy. Str8 Outta Tampa.
Studio 10

Tampa (WTSP Ch. 10, TV, early 2014 & 2015)

ABC Action News - WFTS/TV “Positively Tampa” (Ch. 11, 2015)

Shadcore, MC;
Jay Ack, MC;
Voxx, vocals;
I-Sick, bass;
AR-15, guitar;
J-Walk, keys
... more

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Track Name: Sign Language (feat. Mad Stormin)

She soaks in the shower
Close to an hour /
Her body is broken
Thanks to that coward /
Marks and blood
Don’t equal love /
Shame on anyone
That thinks it does.

Your one punch away /
From meeting your grave…..


Honey you don’t have to take this
You say he’s gonna change but I’ve got news for you /
You’re caught in his matrix
You can’t tell between make believe and the truth /
He isolates you from your people
And makes you feel like he’s all you’ve got left /
This is a dangerous evil
Run while you can this could mean life or death.

Rap 1:

She’s pregnant now with his second /
But she don’t wanna leave him, she knows it’ll stress him out /
Thinking if she has his babies then maybe he’ll settle down /
Despite the fistfights she still wants that wedding gown /
So they went to Wet n Wild last week to reconcile /
But he flipped out and beat her 'cause he thought she slept with Kyle /
Put him under the prison right next to the pedophiles /
Basically throw away the key and never let him out!

Rap 2:

There’s always another way but the choice you make /
May mean leaving just to be around on mother's day /
And have a son to raise who's in his loving stage /
To him his mother’s great not knowing she's suffering /
Starring in a hunger game Katniss Everdeen /
Pain will it ever leave leading to better things /
It's never as easy as packing up and moving on /
But Kelly knows that she loves her son a little more.

(Repeat Hook)

Last Verse:

Don’t know how it started /
You call the cops
But then you drop the charges /
Drop the charges
Why’d you drop the charges /
How much longer
Will you be his target.

You’re one punch away /
From meeting your grave.

2nd Hook:

How can you call yourself a man /
When you talk with your hands /
She deserves much more /
Instead she’s crying on the floor
She Maybeline’s her face /
But that doesn’t hide the pain /
Please take a vow /
To stop the cycle now.